Monday, August 27, 2007

Aug. 27, 2007 - In the News

School starts today (finally), which means our three will each get up, each want a different breakfast and a different lunch. I invited them all to let me know what he or she wanted to eat on the first day back. You'd think that would be a good thing, but I know better. No matter what I make, I can be sure that they all will complain that another's meal is better than theirs.

Here are this week's finds:

The BBQ Blog: This is the blog of The BBQ Guy, aka Brian Pearcy, a competitive barbecuer and prolific writer about the art of barbecuing. It's a robust, full-service site for recipes, grilling techniques, advice on how and where to shop for supplies. If you want a peek inside the world of bbq contests, this is a good place to get it. My biggest "aha!" moment was this post, which suggests that even cooking contests haven't escaped the taint of cheating.

Tummy Treasure
: I thought you'd enjoy a break from the hot stuff for a change. Tummy Treasure came to my attention while looking for some good comfort-food recipes. Not only did I find them in abundance here, but there are also several back-to-school ideas that I liked. The blogger is Erika Seymour, a 251-year-old (that's what it said in her profile until I pointed it out and she changed it!) stay-at-home mom in Wisconsin. Erika's site is dedicated to food and family, which matches up very well with my own philosophy. Recent posts involve finding uses for the summer harvest of pears. The true treasures are found in her Recipe Trove. I'm a sucker for pies, and she has several mouth-watering options, my favorite being the Cranberry Pecan Pie.

And now, the news...

Here's a new use for barbecue sauce I bet you hadn't thought of. This article in The Christian Science Monitor suggests it just might save that photo shoot.

Maybe we should call it the anti-hot sauce. As a public service to you readers, here's a suggestion on how to use soy sauce as a burn remedy.

Unusual recipe of the week: The Osama Bin Laden cocktail. It calls for a little Tabasco, dashed into a shot of absinthe, which is only slightly easier to find than Osama himself.

Have a great week everyone!


Erika said...

Lol! I had no idea my profile said that...(I changed it now.)

Thanks for the kind mention! Even though you are new to blogging, I think you have a good one going- I hope you keep it up! I would vote on your bbq sauce poll, but I love them all- they each have their own application. But I think my favorite is a vinegar sauce on pulled pork. Or is it a mustard based sauce on smoked beef...hmmm.

sullicom said...

I'm somewhat sorry to find out that you aren't really 251 years old. I figured it was proof that comfort food added years to your life!