Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Fun, Aug. 31, 2007 - Texas Cookin'

The video features Guy Clark and Jimmie Dale Gilmore performing Clark's wonderful "Texas Cookin'," a song that will put 10 pounds on you just by listening to it.

Clark is a fantastic singer/songwriter who's served as an inspiration to many others, including Lyle Lovett. In fact, one of the best live shows the Remarkable Marcy and I have seen in recent years was an acoustic evening with Clark, Lovett, Joe Ely and John Hiatt. Great evening!

Gilmore, who has a distinguished solo career, is also part of a legendary Texas trio called The Flatlanders, along with Ely and Butch Hancock. Gilmore, who's a mainstay on the stage at Austin's Threadgill's, sounds a little like he's got beans stuck in his nose when he sings, but his attitude and enthusiasm bleed through and invite you into each song.

Here's a bonus video for you, The Flatlanders recorded at another Austin landmark, The Continental Club, singing "Dallas."

Have a great weekend!

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