Monday, August 13, 2007

Aug. 13, 2007 - In the News...

I don't profess to being an expert in much of anything. But part of my mission is to find the experts and deliver enough information about them and other relevant events to make us all a little smarter along the way.

Sources of information about bbq, hot sauce, drink and music aren't hard to come by. But some are better than lots of others and I want to share them with you. Here are a couple of my first picks:

Hot Sauce Blog
- the blog is incredibly robust, with lots of links to sauces and reviews. One thing I particularly like is that it is updated frequently. The posts are a little long, but I guess that means they're thorough. Lots of photos give it a nice visual flavor, too.

BBQ Forum Blog - the featured focus of this blog is bbq people. The home page features profiles of bbq aficionados from all over the place. The site also has links to correspondents who report on topics like cooking equipment, restaurants, and even computer stuff. There are also podcast interviews with lots of bbq people.

And now, the news...

My good friend Candy Thomson reports (story and video) on the Chesapeake Bay BBQ Cookoff.

They should have known better than to mix politics with their bbq.

India's "ghost chili" - twice the punch of habanero.

Unusual recipe of the week: Grilled figs with bacon and blue cheese.

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