Thursday, August 16, 2007

Los Pinkys, Salsa and Cerveza

Los Pinkys is a Conjunto band I ran across while living in Austin, Texas. I have to admit that the clip above doesn't show them at their best, but it gives you a flavor for the sound. I have one CD, "Esta Pasion," which has some songs that range from full-tilt conjunto to a bluesy, rockin' version of Sugar Bee that's the equal of anything Los Lobos has done.

My taste for Conjunto music flourished when we lived in Texas. It's a style of music that bears similarities to polka and western swing and it's no accident. Texas was settled by lots of Germans, Czechs and Bohemians who brought their accordions and music with them.

Whenever I hear Conjunto, it makes me want to dip a chip into some salsa, take a sip of a Margarita or any Mexican beer and dig into some hearty Tex-Mex food.

Here is a link to a great recipe for salsa verde, a green salsa that's both fiery and refreshing. If you're going to opt for a Margarita, do yourself a favor and stay away from the bottled mixers. The drink's not that hard to make on your own and you'll be glad you did. Here's a simple Margarita recipe from the "Dave's Drinks" blog. If you prefer beer, the Rate It All site has a good list of Mexican brews. The cervezas are ranked by whomever has been there before, but remember that any rating system is subjective, so pick something you think you might like and go for it. I tend to go for Pacifico, Sol or Dos Equis, but as long as it's cold and helps put out the fire on my tongue, anything will work.

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