Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mailbag, Aug. 25, 2007

A good week for the mailbag.

A couple of comments came in this week on my family recipe for Kentucky BBQ Dip.

My cousin Jackie in Louisville said she was happy to see that I'd dragged out the recipe, which has roots, like her husband Bill, in Owensboro. You bbq aficionados may recognize Owensboro as one of the bbq capitals of the world. It's home to the famous Moonlight Bar-B-Q Inn and one of the few places where mutton is always on the menu. I'll eventually get around to posting on both those topics.

The Barbecue Bachelor was also glad to see I'd finally gotten off my duff and posted a recipe of my own. I continue to offer the excuse that I'm a novice in a universe of experts when it comes to recipes. But I do have a few family secrets locked in a chest. I promise to be a little more forthcoming with them from now on.

Another post that generated feedback was about former baseball player Boog Powell. Chef JP, aka "The Chef From Hell", wondered if any other ballplayers had recipes for bbq or hot sauces. He said that former Yankee Ron Guidry had a "Louisiana Lightning" sauce and that Rusty Staub, who owned a Cajun-style restaurant in New York, made his own bbq sauce. The Chef asked if I could think of any other ballplayers-turned-sauce-maker. The only other two I could come up with are here in my Baltimore back yard and both are football players. Andy Nelson's, owned and operated by the former defensive back (1957-1963) for the Baltimore Colts, offers wonderful Memphis-style bbq in an authentic setting - a bit of a rambling shack with lots of little rooms, many of which offer simultaneous tribute to the Colts and Elvis Presley. Andy's place is north of the city, in suburban Cockeysville. Our other local footballer in the bbq biz is the Ravens' Ray Lewis, who owns the struggling Ray Lewis' Full Moon Bar-B-Que in Baltimore's Canton neighborhood. I haven't eaten there yet (maybe why it's struggling), but Ray is merely lending his name and money to the operation, which offers Alabama-style beef, pork and chicken. If you know of any other athletes who have their own eateries or recipes, let me know.

And finally, my friend Alan Silberberg, had a comment on my profile photo. Alan and I shared an office 20+ years ago at a television studio in Columbus, Ohio. He's since gone on to become a successful author, cartoonist and animator. He said he liked the "doodle" of myself. As I said to him, it ain't a doodle. That's what years of eating hot sauce has made me look like.

Hope your next week is a good one!

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