Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Gal Is Red Hot

MoJo loooooves hot sauce. Moira Joy is our youngest and the only one of our three children who has developed a taste for spicy food. She's really an all-round adventurous eater, but I'm particularly impressed by the way she'll dash on hot sauce over lots of what's on her plate.

Although she's tried Tabasco and some other hot hot sauces, Mo's most fond of Frank's. But even that's impressive for a 9 year old. She doesn't skimp with it, either, liberally dousing it over eggs, tuna fish and a variety of other foods.

When I see her go for the bottle of Frank's, I often think of the Robert Gordon song, "Red Hot." It's a great, jumpin' piece of music. The link here is to his "Are You Gonna Be The One" release from 2002 that contains a live recording of the song. Gordon is a great rockabilly revivalist and "Red Hot" knocked me out the first time I heard it, back in the late '70s or early '80s - that period is generally a fog to me when it comes to nailing a specific date, but it was a favorite high-energy dance tune at Crazy Mama's punk club in Columbus, Ohio. I recently picked up a copy of Gordon's newest, "It's Now Or Never," recorded with guitarist Chris Spedding and the Jordanaires. The disc contains 15 spot-on covers of Elvis tunes. Well worth the listen.

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