Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BBTuesday - Sauce Off, Week 2

Holy Mole!

Oh, he's a happy pig.

This past weekend the Remarkable Marcy and I kitchen tested the first entry in the Sullicom Sauce Off - Chef JP's Mole BBQ Sauce.

It was a tasty hybrid of barbecue and Mexican flavors and was spicy as hell, which should have come as no surprise considering JP's also known as The Chef From Hell.

The preparation time was about an hour, most of that given to cooking time. Start with sauteing chopped onions, garlic, fresh cilantro and dry spices (see photo at right), mix in the wet ingredients, then add the mole paste, which gives the sauce its thickness and dark brown color.

We decided to go with chicken breasts on the grill, adding the sauce during the last couple of minutes to keep from burning. We turned the dinner into a Tex-Mex feast, serving the chicken with some homemade refried beans, long grain rice and avocado slices. There was plenty of extra sauce that we put on the table and poured over the chicken, rice, beans, fingers, etc.

Marcy, who likes mole more than bbq sauce, was impressed by the combination of flavors. I loved the kick that the bbq sauce and Mexican spices added to the nutty smokiness and hint of chocolate brought by the mole.

My only issue with the recipe is based on a personal prejudice against sauces that use ketchup. But I'm willing to overlook my own sauce-snootery here because the outcome was so tasty.

Next Up: Jason's Lemonade Mustard Sauce

My search for a mustard sauce took me to a new blog, Jason's BBQ Adventures. The site just launched this month, but it looks very promising. Jason offers up an intriguing Lemonade Mustard Sauce, that rides atop a lemonade rub on a beer can chicken. We'll road test it next weekend and share the results.


Here's a little Tex-Mex music for you to listen to while you enjoy your mole bbq sauce. The clip is an Austin City Limits performance of "Hey, Baby, Que Paso?" by the Texas Tornados. The Tornados, who were based in Austin, were Doug Sahm (remember the Sir Douglas Quintet?), Augie Myers (an SDQ alum who gave that band and this one the distinctive Vox organ sound), Freddy Fender (yes, that Freddy Fender) and Conjunto legend Flaco Jimenez.

Grab another cerveza and enjoy!


Chef JP said...

One of the highest compliments any cook can receive is to have another cook actually prepare one of their recipes--Thanks! Also, listening to the Texas Tornadoes while cooking up a batch of this here sauce ain't exacttly a bad thing---"Hey Baby que paso!"-- hey, that Lemonade Mustard deal sounds like it's right up my alley!

sullicom said...

Believe me, it was our great pleasure to make this. And there was enough sauce left over that I've been putting it on everything since. A little on my cereal, a little in my coffee...

Barbecue Bachelor said...

Sullicom/ChefJP, the sauce looks great! This "blogging" thing has really become a goldmine of ideas, information and inspiration for me. One rookie question for you: How do you make your refried beans? I've tried a few times and have never been happy with my results.

sullicom said...

Stay tuned... Refried recipe coming Thursday.

Barbecue Bachelor said...

Great! I'll look for it.