Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Celebrity Hot Sauces

A few weeks ago we were planted on the couch watching a show on VH1 and Joe Perry from Aerosmith came on and started talking about his side career as a commercial hot sauce maker.

Joe's signature brand is called "Joe Perry's Rock Your World", and he sells two sauces, "Boneyard Brew" and "Mango Peach Tango".

It made me wonder how many other celebrities were either making or lending their names to help market hot sauces.

A quick Google search turned up a couple of other celebs. Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong has his name and face on a trio of sauces - Smokin' Chipotle, Gnarly Garlic and Mojo Mango. I also found a sauce being sold by porn relic Ron Jeremy. I was overcome with a bizarre combination of embarrassment and weird civic pride to find out that his sauce is made and distributed by a company here in Baltimore.

I decided to order the Joe Perry and Cheech sauces. But there's just something incredibly unappetizing about a food that's using the image of an old, overweight porn star on its label, so I'll skip Ron Jeremy's sauce for now.

I'll report back soon on these first sauces. In the meantime, if you know of any other famous people hawking hot sauces, let me know and we'll let you know if they're worth the attention.


Chef JP said...

I think Ron Guidry (of the New York Yankees) still markets his "Louisiana Lightning" hot sauce. chefjp

sullicom said...

That's right. I think you mentioned that in an earlier comment. I'll check into it.