Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Fun, Sept. 7, 2007 - Simpsonize Me

Let me introduce you to my family. Left to right are Flannery, the Remarkable Marcy, MoJo, your humble blogger, and Courtland.

This lovely portrait was the result of much fun we had a couple of months ago with a site called "Simpsonize Me." The site was a promotion for the "The Simpsons Movie" and Burger King. You can upload a photo - headshots work best - of a person and the site will soon spit out a cartoony likeness. You have options to customize or tweak the caricature further, then can export it to your computer. We took each of our portraits, which are eerily spot on, and then Photoshopped them into the group shot.

The site is a lot of fun, but you need to make sure you've got the latest version of Macromedia's Flash to make it work.

Say what you will about Burger King, but they've got a sense of humor. While I'm not a fan of their food, they've put together a couple of the most fun promotional Websites I've found over the past several years. In addition to, you should check out "Subservient Chicken." Here you'll find a man in a chicken costume standing in a living room. There's a command line in which you can tell the chicken what you want him to do. And he does it - or wags a finger at you if you request something off color.

If you're looking for wonderfully fun time-wasters this weekend, I heartily recommend both sites.

Emily and Dave's Roasted Reds

Our niece Emily and her husband Dave recently announced that they are expecting their first child in April. As you may have read in my Food for the Soul post from Sept. 2, names are not taken lightly in this family. The parents-to-be say that if it's a boy, the name will be
"Flavius Geddemannus Nikstaitis, King of Hackettstown." We are all hoping for a girl.

In celebration of their happy news, I offer you Emily and Dave's recipe for roasted reds.

- two large ripe red peppers
- two cloves of fresh peeled garlic
- about three tbsp of olive oil
- same amount of Balsamic Vinegar
- some fresh basil, cut into bits
- a dash of dried oregano (if you don't have fresh basil)

Take the peppers and roast them over fire, until the skin turns black all over. Dave says he does them on the gas flame of the stove, turning them regularly with tongs to get all sides burnt, holding them in the fire wherever it is still red.

Next, put the peppers into a brown paper bag, close the bag, and allow them to stand for quite a while, until they cool down. The steam and residual heat will cook them slightly.

Now take the peppers and run water over them while you rub off the skin with your hands and remove the seeds and skin. Cut them into serving size pieces, about 1" x 2" or so.

Put the pieces into a bowl, and add the oil, vinegar, sliced garlic and herbs. Toss and allow to marinate a bit.

This is best prepared ahead of time and allowed to marinate. Stir it around every now and then to get all the pieces coated well.

Serve with fresh crusty bread and some nice ripe brie cheese.

Have a great weekend!


David Hodges said...

This is a fun site, Steve. As a Simpson fan who has also "simpsonized" himself, I can simpsonize with the way yours turned out!

sullicom said...

Thanks David. (2 words)

Erika W. said...

Lol. When we were pg with my daughter we got sick of everyone asking what we were going to have and what our name choices were. So we told everyone that if it was a boy it would be Vladimir Maximillion and if it was a girl it would be Margarita Daisy. People couldn't tell if we were serious or not, and they stopped asking after a while.

Thanks for bringing to mind a fun memory.

sullicom said...

With our kids, people didn't know if we were serious even with their real names. I remember after Flannery was born, when the security guard at work asked what we named her, I told him, "Flannery Bliss Sullivan." His reply was, "No, really. What did you name her?"

BTW, I sorta like Margarita Daisy. Sounds like a Kevin Henkes book title.

Erika W. said...

Lol. Well, I was in a "let's go out for margaritas" phase, so I would tell people that the name was inspired by my favorite beverage at the time. It does sound like a prfect name for a little mouse in a green dress and a tiara though doesn't it.

Oh my gosh, just thinking about the eventual embarassment of that security guard is tickling my funnybone.

SilberBook-Blog said...

What handsome, slightly jaundiced family! Did the same thing on our end with slightly worse results - tho I ended up with more hair!