Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mailbag, Sept. 1, 2007

I really enjoy getting the comments on the posts. Among the advantages blogs have over books, diaries and even static Websites is that the comment fields allow us to engage in a dialog. I love the interactivity.

Surprisingly, the post that inspired the most chatter this week was Tuesday's about Barbecued Tofu. And the conversation re-emphasizes my point above. The Barbecue Bachelor wondered if this was something that could be prepared on the grill, and stepping in with a great suggestion about using a grill basket was Chef JP, aka The Chef From Hell. Much thanks to both, not only for stopping by to read, but the chain of comments ended up making it a much more useful post.

A couple of other bloggers whose sites were featured also dropped by. Erika Seymour from Tummy Treasure noted that she really isn't 251 years old as her profile had read until I pointed it out to her. Too bad. The site is impressive, but I would have been that much more impressed if it was being done by someone that old.

The man with the best handle in the blogosphere, Rev. BigDumbChimp, offered thanks for the post about Pork and Whiskey. The Rev. says he has a bunch of posts planned out and that we should check his blog soon to find them.

One of the more fascinating things for me about blogging is to check my analytics each morning to see how my traffic is faring and where readers are coming from. I've been surprised to see so much traffic coming from overseas. Among this week's visitors was spleenal, an apparent mustard sauce fan who left a comment about the results of my first mini poll. Spleenal's profile says he hails from Newcastle (remember the saying, "coals to...") in the United Kingdom, where he has a blog called Where I Vent My Spleen. Yeah, it sounds unusual, but check it out. Our Mr. speenal is a talented cartoonist with a bit of a twisted delivery. Keep in mind that these are not cartoons for the kiddies! But definitely worth a look.

Speaking of mini polls, I've just posted a new one for September. I hope you'll take a second and weigh in.

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