Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mailbag, Sept. 22, 2007

I'm all excited because today Marcy and I are going to the store to stock up on stuff to make Chef JP's Mole BBQ Sauce. We've got a couple of special sides we haven't made for a while, too. We'll report in full in the BBTuesday post as we move forward in the Sullicom Sauce Off.

Checking this week's mailbag reveals that Moon Pies, those chocolate-covered hubcaps, generated the most response. Several of you wrote in to note that there are - or were - variations on the theme depending on which region of the country you lived in. I guess I'm not surprised. Like I said, they aren't the tastiest things ever made, but they are kind of fun.

A couple of my favorite cartoonists checked in. My friend Alan Silberberg was among the commentators in the Moon Pie string. You can go to his blog to see a couple of animated videos that Al has created. Also making a stop this week was speenal, our friend from Newcastle in the UK. It was good to see that he's posted more of his work on his blog. Very funny stuff, but leave the kids at home before you link over.

I was glad to see that Rev. BigDumbChimp at Pork and Whiskey was back at his blogging machine after a couple of weeks of silence. And he was back with a vengeance. Ribs, tenderloin, ham, bourbon (see below) and a beer review tossed in as a bonus. He notes that he and his wife are celebrating their fifth anniversary this weekend. Stop by his blog and wish them well. I just hope that when they married she kept her maiden name.

Take My Word for It

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