Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mailbag, Sept. 29, 2007

Cubs win! They clinch the NL Central Division title. So, I'll quit whining. For now. A worst-case scenario for our household - a World Series matchup between the Cubs (my team) and the Cleveland Indians (Marcy's team). Has there ever been a World Series in which both teams lost? Is that whining? Sorry.

A good stream of comments on this week's recipes. Chef JP was flattered that we tried out his Mole BBQ Sauce, saying that "One of the highest compliments any cook can receive is to have another cook actually prepare of of their recipes." Well, recipes aren't just for reading, they're for following. It was our pleasure.

Take My Word for It

Here are a few favorite posts this week from my Good Friends and Cool Places links.

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Enjoy your weekend!


Chef JP said...

Congrats on the Cubs win --- I'm a Yankees fan, so I'm looking forward to the playoffs as well. I think you guys have an advantage this year in having Sweet Lou Pinella as a manager---he knows how to win. Good Luck! chefjp

sullicom said...

Hey, sorry about the Orioles dinging the Yankees last night. At least you're still in the playoffs. Lou may have been the best pickup the Cubs made in the off season. Should be a fun October!