Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mailbag, Sept. 8, 2007

Lots of chatter about names and places this week.

Erika from Tummy Treasure left a nice comment on last Sunday's Food for the Soul post about how we arrived at the name Flannery Bliss Sullivan for our middle child. Erika's no slouch on names either, often posting on her blog about her kids Zander and Abigail. She also left a very funny comment on Friday's post about what she and her hubby used to tell people they were going to name their kids.

Chef JP testified on BBTuesday's post about Owensboro that he, too, has made pilgrimage to the Moonlight Bar-B-Q Inn. He says East Coast restaurants up his way have jumped on the bbq bandwagon, but haven't gotten it quite right yet. Ah, my friend, maybe they're better than you think. Once you've been to the Moonlight, your expectations for everyone else have been set too high!

You might have seen my very brief response on Friday to David's comment. My reply, which included a word count after it, was a lame tip of the hat of sorts to David's blog, Very Short Novels. Talk about truth in advertising - his site presents, well, very short novels, all of them containing precisely 299 words. Anybody who's ever tried to write anything knows how hard it can be. Creating something with a beginning, middle and end, that's worth reading and then nailing 299 words on the head with each effort is like some sort of magic trick. I hope you'll check it out and spread the word to others.

One of our dear friends from Texas, Kim, made her first blog visit and reported that she's been on the "Sullicom Trail" this summer, visiting some of my old Kentucky and Ohio haunts, including one of America's premier amusement parks, Cedar Point.

Take My Word for It

I thought I'd add a feature this week. After scouting the blogosphere, here are a few of my favorite posts this week from my Good Friends and Cool Places links. No description, other than to tell you to take my word for it that you won't be disappointed.

Lost in the Supermarket (The Chef From Hell)
The Brew Zoo (A Good Beer Blog)
The Best Carrot Cake So Far (Tummy Treasure)


Anna said...

I am already some how active at Very Short Novels, and I am amazed with his talent to write something very meaningful in 299 words. Anna :) Nice blog btw.

sullicom said...

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll become a regular.