Friday, September 14, 2007

More Fun

Here are a few more things to put a smile on your face as you head into the weekend.

When John McIntyre shared his family Bourbon Balls recipe, it led the two of us into a discussion of another candy I fondly remember from growing up in Kentucky - Divinity. Ironically, just a day or two later, I followed a link off The Chef From Hell's blog to Noshtalgia, where I found this Divinity recipe.

And speaking of The Chef From Hell, JP had this Kentucky Beer Cheese recipe posted Thursday. If you're looking for something to round out your weekend football food spread, this should do the trick.

Finally, much thanks to my colleague Elizabeth Large, the terrific restaurant critic for The Baltimore Sun. Elizabeth was kind enough to mention Sullicom on her wonderful Dining@Large blog. I hope I haven't disappointed her readers who have stopped by for a visit.

Oh, and the photo is one of my favorites of our youngest - MoJo - who you've previously met in posts about hot sauce and Boog Powell. She always makes me laugh.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Chef JP said...

Wow! It's been awhile since I thought about Divinity candy -- When I was a kid, we lived in New Orleans for a few years and I remember one of the neighbors on our block was from Kentucky and used to whip up a batch of this to give out on Holloween as a treat. chefjp

sullicom said...

My fear is that the discoveries I make while blogging are going to make me fatter than I already am.

Barbecue said...

I don't know where you and Chef JP get all the time to cook so much. I keep meaning to try all of the recipes out that you post but I am getting further and further behind. The bourbon balls sound great...I have a feeling though that if I eat too many of them they will shorten my lifespan significantly:)

sullicom said...

they may shorten your lifespan, but you will check out with a smile on your chocolate-smeared face. McIntyre explains that the parafin in the chocolate coating is there specifically to keep the alcohol in the bourbon from evaporating. Ingenious!

Julie said...

Too funny, when people ask me how good a recipe is I say; "just ask my waistline" lol!

Anonymous said...

Post a comment about ME!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(