Monday, September 10, 2007

Sept. 10, 2007 - In the News

A busy week coming up, so let's get right to it. Here are this week's finds:

White Trash BBQ: The blog, operated by an unnamed (not even a pseudonym) "fire-obsessed" guy from Brooklyn is very much pegged to bbq events and issues around NYC. And that's okay. Nice to know there's good q action going on in the Big Apple. As you may have figured out by now, good names are Sullicom bait and I kept seeing this blog pop up on other sites and thought I'd take a look. Among the first things that struck me is that this guy has some seniority - he's had his blog going since June 2004! Even with the New Yorkiness, I found it interesting to read about this blogger's efforts as he competes on the KCBS Championship Barbecue circuit. He shows his results and describes the effort - not always a smooth one. There's also some humor in his posts and he's not afraid to stand up for the little guy, as evidenced by taking issue with A&P for not just firing, but also suing a couple of kid employees who made a parody video that wound up online.

Very Short Novels: Most of the blogs I've spotlighted to date deal with bbq, hot sauce or comfort foods. But I try to seek comforts for the mind, too. And this next blog falls perfectly into that category. I mentioned this site in Saturday's Mailbag. It's run by David B. Dale (a pen name, the initial and last name in honor of his parents, Beatrice and Dale), who says that anything more than 299 words "would be a waste." An additional description on the blog notes, "Character, conflict, emotional impact. And sentences! Everything you want in a novel, without one extra syllable." Being the skeptical journalist I've been trained to be (sorry, David. Just a habit), I copied and pasted several of the stories into Microsoft Word so I could use the Word Count tool to see if maybe one or two of the stories came up a word or two long or short. Nope. All that I checked were exactly as promised - 299 words. And they're not drivel, either. As of the wee hours of this morning, the post atop the blog, Little Worm, is a poignant, creative tale. This month marks the year anniversary since David launched the site and since September 2006 he's posted more than 130 entries. February was his most prolific month with 15 posts, including my favorite, Bunting for a Hit, about a father watching his son in a baseball game (baseball is another of my sentimental weaknesses). It's a terrific display of creativity and writing discipline to be able to continue that sort of output at all, but again to hit the mark of 299 words over and over is pretty incredible. As I suggested in Saturday's Mailbag post, David's got some sort of writing juju going on. Check it out. (299)

And now, the news...

What's up with the Brits? Our friend Alan at A Good Beer Blog examines the possible factors behind a severe slump in beer sales in the UK.

Leapin' Lizard! Sullicom spans the globe to bring you this item, from Borneo via Brunei.

Must be the sauce. Port Orange, Fla. police are seeking a burglar who keeps breaking into area bbq joints. A surveillance camera caught him during his last visit.

Unusual recipe of the week - This'll get you going in the morning. Tex-Mex Savory Waffles from the Group Recipes site.

Have a great week everybody!


WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Hey - Thanks for the shout out!

sullicom said...

My pleasure. Best of luck on the bbq circuit.