Monday, September 17, 2007

Sept. 17, 2007 - In the News

The results are in from mini poll #2. Paper was the people's choice, pulling more than 50 percent of the vote over rock and scissors respectively. Responding to the win, paper said, "In an age of increasing electronic and digital choices, it's good to know that the majority of people still prefer paper." When asked how it was taking the loss, a distraught rock said, "It's hard, you know." Added scissors, which finished a distant third, "We just weren't sharp enough."

The new poll is up - vote for your favorite Stooge. I limited the choices to the four most popular, choosing not to include later Stooges such as Joe, Curly Joe and Iggy. Vote now!

Here's this week's find:

BBQ General: The BBQ General is Georgian Wiley McCrary, who says he's a champion BBQ chef who's mission is "Sharing the secrets old BBQers die with." Wiley's been at it since December 2005, offering recipes (straightforward meats, birds and fish tips; sauces; and a few unusual surprises), cookbook reviews, equipment tips and overviews, and musings about life. The recipes appear to be easy to follow and many are illustrated with photos. My main concern with this blog, as with some of the other great BBQ blogs out there, is that the posts are made infrequently and I'm left wanting more. He seems to go in streaks and it looks like he just finished a burst of inspiration early this month. Maybe if we all stop by and do a little begging he'll keep his momentum going.

And now, the news:

It's the pits. Here's proof that you don't mess around with someone's livelihood, especially if it's supported by illegal labor. A Texas jail administrator gets fired for snitching on his boss.

Place your hand on the Bible and try not to get sauce on it. Here's the oath to be a card-carrying Kansas City Barbecue Society Judge.

Unusual recipe of the week:

Did I mention the General offers some unusual surprises? I found this recipe for roast possum with apples and sweet 'taters from a link on the BBQ General's blog. The link goes to the Baboon Pirates blog. I'll have more on that one soon.

Have a great week everybody!


bob said...

crap. i can't remember if i was paper, rock or scissors. damn. short. term. memory. loss.


bob on.

El Capitan said...

Uh, is it soon yet? ;-)

Thanks for the link!