Monday, September 03, 2007

Sept. 3, 2007 - In The News

It's Labor Day, and that's what I'm doing. I'll start with this post, do some yard work, probably drop by the office, then come home, fire up the grill and burn dinner for everyone. I love holidays. So restful.

In light of the holiday, I'm giving myself a bit of a pass and limiting this week's finds to one, and here it is:

A Good Beer Blog: This blog lives up to its name. Lots and lots of thoughtful dialog about brews and news brought to you by a Canadian, Alan McLeod, and a host of correspondents weighing in with their own reports. Atop the blog at this time is word that Knut of Norway, a prolific contributor, has just returned from Scotland with a full accounting of his trip. There's also news of a seasonal release from Flying Dog, reviewed by two correspondents; word of the passing of English beer writer Michael Jackson; and the start of an interesting collection of obscure beer laws throughout the world. If you're a beer aficionado and enjoy reading about beer as much as you do drinking it, this is a good site to visit.

And now, the news...

Care for a little "proto-salsa" with your chips? My favorite hot sauce site, Fiery-Foods, reports that the discovery of 1,400 year old chiles in a Mexican cave has led researchers to believe that ancient farmers were using the peppers to make early forms of salsa. I suppose it gave them something to nosh on while watching early forms of TV.

Give the boys some room! The Dallas Morning News was there for the record-setting tamale speed eating record set by Tim "Eater X" Janus, who gobbled down 71 pork tamales in 12 minutes. For his efforts, Mr. Janus got $1,500. Janus broke the previous record of 53 1/2 set by Joey Chestnut. While Janus was establishing the new tamale-eating record, Chestnut was in Myrtle Beach, SC, at the Beach, Boogie and BBQ Festival, setting a record of his own. There he shoved down 45 pulled-pork sandwiches in 10 minutes.

Unusual recipe of the week - How about some "bear-b-que?" From Bert Christensen's Weird & Different Recipes site comes this instruction for Barbecued Bear. I hear that before the bear became lunch, it had set a record by eating both Tim Janus and Joey Chestnut.

Have a great week everyone!

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