Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BBTuesday - Sauce Off Results

The results are in and they were close. The winner of the first annual Sullicom Sauce Off is the mole barbecue sauce submitted by Chef JP, aka The Chef From Hell.

Jason of Jason's BBQ Adventures came in a very close second with his mustard entry for lemonade chicken.

But it was the blend of BBQ and Tex-Mex flavors in the mole sauce that had me slathering the stuff atop everything from chicken to ham to burritos, then making sure I licked every drop off spoons, bowls and plates.

Coming in third was my own entry, the Kentucky BBQ Dip. I still love the stuff, but the opportunity to enjoy the other new entries outweighed the familiarity of our family favorite.

The sauce off started out as an attempt to answer the question, "Which type of sauce is best - tomato, mustard or vinegar?" I learned that there is no answer to the question. All sauces are good. There are regional preferences and personal favorites. But if you limit yourself to just one kind of sauce, you're doing yourself a great disservice.

Congrats to Chef JP and to Jason. Both are genuine BBQ pros whose sites are loaded with tasty recipes, helpful instruction and other valuable and entertaining information.


Keeping in the spirit of the competition, I give you "The Barbeque Sauce Song." I'm not sure who the artist is, but he's got an impressive grill.



Chef JP said...

Thanks for honoring me with your first Sauce Off Award--the last time I won anything was at a cheap resort casino in Antiqua 20 years ago but I feel the pleasure of winning this award will last a lot longer than the ducats I managed to wrangle off of that one-armed bandit!
Dug the BBQ video clip--speaking of BBQ songs, have you ever heard "Too Much Barbecue" by Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows? Hoo Hah!

sullicom said...

I was trying to find that clip but it didn't exist on YouTube and could only find a 30-second sound clip elsewhere. We used to see the late, great Big Twist in the blues bars back in Chicago in the '70s. Good shows!