Tuesday, October 02, 2007

BBTuesday - Sauce Off, Week 3

Before I went on the DL this past weekend, we threw together the Lemonade Mustard Sauce and accompanying Lemonade Chicken that I found on the Jason's BBQ Adventures blog. Jason attributes the recipe to Steven Raichlen.

The recipe offered an interesting twist on most mustard sauces I've run across in that it used lemonade. And not only in the sauce. There was lemonade powder in the rub, and lemonade instead of beer as the liquid in the upright cooker.

It was very easy to pull together, with prep time being under 30 minutes. The only hitch in the cooking came as a result of the brown sugar and lemonade mix in the rub. The chicken skin started to burn a little, but we wrapped it in foil for the last hour and that solved the problem.

I threw some onions and potatoes on the grill with the chicken and we served the bird with the onions and taters, a simple tossed salad and some peas.

The flavors lined up as chicken hit tongue. I first noticed the sweetness and zest of the lemonade, followed by the bite of the mustard, then the savory blend of the other spices. I'm not a great fan of overly sweet sauces, but I was definitely in the minority here. The kids loved it and the Remarkable Marcy surprised me with her enthusiasm.

This would be an ideal summertime concoction, especially if you wanted to impress guests - particularly those with kids - with something very different.

Next Up: Kentucky BBQ Dip

This is my own family recipe, a vinegar based sauce that's great as a marinade or mopped on throughout the grilling process.


Here's New Orleans' Marsalis Family with "Struttin' with Some Barbecue." That's father Ellis on piano, Branford on sax, Wynton on trumpet, Delfeayo on trombone and Jason on drums.


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