Tuesday, October 09, 2007

BBTuesday - Sauce Off, Week 4

It was time to give due diligence to vinegar sauces, so I pulled out old faithful, our family recipe for Kentucky BBQ Dip.

This is the moppin' sauce I was raised on, slathered over ribs, chicken, pulled pork and mutton. Every time I make this, it flashes me back to rich memories of Western Kentucky summers, with the backyard bbq pit smoking away, eating dinner on the screened-in porch and trying to fall asleep on hot, humid nights with a way-too-full belly.

For this sauce, I decided to do up some pulled pork and pulled chicken.

The sauce is very easy to pull together, with prep taking only about 10 minutes and then a slow simmer of about an hour.

I smoked a smallish (2 lbs) chunk of Boston Butt, mopping on the sauce about every 20 minutes during the roughly two hour grilling period. After removing the pork from the grill, I tossed on some chicken breasts for about 10 minutes, mopping when they first when on and when I flipped them halfway through.

When the meats were done, I went in and started pulling everything apart. I put each pulled meat in a separate bowl and poured some of the sauce on top. We served the bbq on a bun with and onion slice and pickles, and sides of homemade cole slaw and baked beans.

It's tough for me to be objective about this sauce. It's what defines bbq for me. The Remarkable Marcy opted for the pulled chicken, pouring additional sauce on the sandwich before eating it. Flannery, our Peach, came back for seconds on the chicken, a definite rave revue from a finicky eater. MoJo, who generally likes spicy foods, was oddly unenthusiastic, though. She tried the pulled chicken, but then opted for one of the plain chicken breasts we had left over, dipped in ketchup (whose kid is this!?).


I've been on a Southern Culture on the Skids kick of late. The first song I ever heard from SCOTS was "Too Much Pork for Just One Fork," off their "Ditch Diggin'" CD. It's a fitting companion to this pulled-pork post.

Southern Culture on the SkidsToo Much Pork for Just One Fork



Erika W. said...

That sounds like my kind of sauce. Now I'm craving BBQ...thanks...;-)

sullicom said...

Infectious, isn't it?

Carol said...

MMM that sounds good!