Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BBTuesday - Sauce Off, Week 5

It's judgement week here at the Sullicom world headquarters as the pig and I tally votes to see who comes out on top in the first annual sauce off.

To refresh your memory, the aim of this competition is to introduce you to the best there is in tomato, mustard and vinegar sauces. The three that your blogger personally tested did not disappoint.

In the tomato category, Chef JP, aka The Chef From Hell, submitted a mole barbecue sauce that featured a creative blend of smoky Tex-Mex flavors. It was a great topping for chicken breasts that were the highlights of our weekend fiesta.

That was followed by Jason of Jason's BBQ Adventures, whose lemonade chicken, an interesting twist on beer-can chicken, was our mustard entry and a favorite among the kids.

And we wrapped up last week with our vinegar-based sauce, my family's very own Kentucky BBQ Dip. I mopped the dip on a Boston Butt that ultimately became some of the best pulled pork I've ever smoked.

In this sort of competition, there are no losers, only winners. Especially the judges who get to sample each entry. We'll let you know next Tuesday which sauce takes the prestigious Sullicom Sauce Off title.


Today's tune features scenes from the 2007 Founder's Day Barbecue Cookoff in Dripping Springs, Texas, set to Lone Star favorite son, Robert Earl Keen's "Barbecue."


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