Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beer Haiku

Canned beer makes me burp.
So I drink from a bottle.
I'm a beer baby.

I'm so proud to claim that little nugget of verse as my very own. It's one of two haikus I've published to date on this blog. There is a site, though, that I've recently discovered that is dedicated to publishing a beer-related haiku each and every day. In fact, the name of the blog is Beer Haiku Daily.

The blogger, who goes by the name Captain Hops, writes most of the verse himself, but also takes submissions if the muse moves you. Each day's post begins with the haiku, then crisply links off to some relevant beery info or has a short, digestible item of relevance. Among my favorites of late is his October 12 post with the following 5-7-5 effort:

Here’s a candidate
that we all can get behind.
Beer for President!

Gets my vote.

Closing today with a jump from haiku to music, here's, Todd Snider's "Beer Run".



Ropheka said...

Nice Blog :)

sullicom said...

Thank you. Hope you'll come back.

bob said...

v v cool.

i only wish i was half as cool as beeee double e double r.u.n.


bob on, my thirsty friend, bob on.

bob said...

damn. had to come back and play that song again.

is there a 12 step program available?