Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Fun, Oct. 26, 2007 - Ghost Story

Twenty-three years ago this week I experienced the closest thing I have to a personal ghost story.

Matt, a classmate at Ohio State, had told me of some strange things that happened to him when he worked at the Buxton Inn, the state's oldest continuously operated inn, located in Granville, Ohio, about 30 miles east of Columbus. Matt attributed these things to the Buxton's resident ghost, known as the Lady in Blue.

I mentioned that I'd like to do a story about the place, so Matt contacted the inn's owner, Orville Orr. Orville agreed to give us the run of the place one weekday afternoon. During the week, there weren't many guests staying in the inn, but people did come to the Buxton in the evenings to eat in the restaurant. Orville said we were welcome to prowl around until the dinnertime crowd arrived.

It was a typical late October day in Central Ohio - cool and cloudy with darkness moving in early. We arrived around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and started walking the hallways. After about a half an hour of nothing out of the ordinary, we went into the empty restaurant and sat down. Matt was telling me another of his stories when just over his shoulder, I noticed a swinging door move slightly. Matt saw me looking past him and he turned. Then we saw the door slowly open as a woman in a Colonial-style blue dress entered the room. It was a lady in blue! Yes, a lady in blue, but not the Lady in Blue. It was an early-arriving waitress, bringing a tray of silverware into the dining room to begin setting the tables. We composed ourselves, apologized for scaring her more than she scared us, and returned to roaming the hallways.

I was walking down a second-floor corridor a few feet ahead of Matt when I heard him shout, "Did you see that?" I spun and noticed that a fire door between us had closed after I had passed through. I opened it and rejoined Matt. He said that a large ceramic pot that had been propping the door open had moved, allowing the door to close. I hadn't seen it, and was frankly pretty skeptical about his observation. I slid the pot back in front of the door to prop it open again.

The second time, I saw it.

The pot moved. About four to six inches. Across a carpet. And the door closed.

A couple of minutes later, down in the bar, while we nervously sipped our drinks, Orville explained that the Lady in Blue is a gentle spirit and a bit of a show off. "She likes to perform," he said, noting that many feel she was an actress in life. He said our experience was much like what others reported, although some actually have seen her.

I can't say that I've seen a ghost. But, I can say I saw a 10-lb pot scoot across a carpet to allow a heavy metal door swing shut.

Here's another link to information about the haunting of the Buxton Inn.

And, if you want a fun way to waste hours of time, here's a link to a list of ghost cams set up at other reported haunted spots. This site also links to places where you can buy your own ghost-detection equipment if you want to go out and find your own spook.

This isn't what we drank in the bar that night, but it's in the spirit of the season. This concoction comes from the BarMeister site.


2 oz Vodka
1 oz Blue Curacao

Fill glass(es) Orange Juice

Add vodka, curacao, then orange juice.

Have a great weekend!

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Chef JP said...

Wonderful story that really captures the spirit of ye olde Halloween---I'm going to drink a few of those Ghostbusters & read it again!