Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Fun, Oct. 5, 2007 - Banana Pudding

When Brother Dave sent me his BBQ and Soul Food Tour post, we spent some time reminiscing about our mother's banana pudding. It was pretty basic stuff - vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding, ripe bananas and meringue.

Dave made the observation that not only can't you find banana pudding in many restaurants these days, but when you do, they often top it with a glop of Cool Whip or some other sawdust and paste concoction instead of the meringue.

It's truly worth the effort to treat yourself to the real deal and I found this terrific recipe on the Texas Cooking Website. Not only does it use meringue, it also uses real pudding instead of the boxed stuff.

While you're throwing the recipe together, grab a copy of Southern Culture on the Skids' "Double Wide and Live" CD and play their song "Banana Pudding" over and over and over.

And now, it's the weekend and all this talk about bananas has me feeling like Carmen Miranda! Bailemos!

Have a great weekend of your own!


Chef JP said...

Banana Pudding is one of the bedrock dishes of southern food and always a welcom additon to my table. And you are correct in presenting a pudding recipe which does not use the "boxed" stuff! It really is worth the effort as most truly good food is. Love Southern Culture on the Skids--they also go a great version of "House of Bamboo" on their Plastic Seat Sweat album. chefjp

peteej said...

I saw this and immediately thought of Southern Culture on the Skids. And then you start talking about them! Yeah man, you got it goin' on... :)