Monday, October 15, 2007

Oct. 15, 2007, In the News

The results of the World Series micro-poll is in and the Cleveland Indians appear to be the people's choice. No surprise, I guess, since my posts of late seem to attract Tribe fans - or at least Cleveland mustard fans. Runners up were the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies. All I can say is that with the Arizona Diamondbacks down 3-0, it's looking like we may see snow in this World Series before it's over.

New poll: What's your Halloween preference?

Site Spotlight: Chef JP turned me on to The site says, "If you crave a good hotdog or slawdog, pit-cooked barbeque, juicy hamburgers, steaks, real milkshakes or buttermilk pancakes, this is where you'll find them."

What you'll find are reviews and great photos of drive-ins, hole-in-the-wall joints or haunts only the natives know. Most of the places are concentrated in the east - Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia. But also represented are Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and Utah. There's also a special section dedicated to classic Dairy Queens. It's a lot of fun, and whether or not you've ever been to any of the featured eateries, you've certainly been to enough places like them that this will shake loose lots of memories.

And now, the news:

People behaving badly, part 1. I wonder what set her off?

People behaving badly, part 2. Maybe this had something to do with it.

Carolina 'q poll. The battle between the North and South.

Unusual recipe of the week:

There's something a little creepy about recipes from a taxidermy site, but I guess it's a case of waste not, want not. Here's your guide for barbecued squirrel.

Have a great week!


Chef JP said...

A wooden television tray is a good defensive weapon but a woman with a sharp implement usually has the upper hand!
The Cleveland Indians have a chance to win this series if they A)make the Boston bullpen work themselves into a lather--I think Papelpon is still hurting B)Send an package of Acupulco Gold to Manny Ramirez (that blissful smile of his don't come from eating Stadium Mustard y'know) C)Immediately sign El Duque from the Mets & tell him to pitch like Satchel Paige. Play Ball!

Erika W. said...

Now see, that's just not right. BBQ Squirrel? It has to be stewed low and slow to properly leech out all that squirrely goodness. The annoying part is picking out all those tiny bones.