Monday, October 29, 2007

Oct. 29, 2007, In the News

The baseball season came to a clunking end last night as the Boston Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. No offense to any Rockies fans out there, but the only suspense in this series was seeing how many records the Red Sox would set before it was over. Congrats to Red Sox Nation. That's two titles in four years. That means you're ineligible to use the term "long-suffering" ever again.

The results of the lAtest micro-poll show A is cleArly everyone's fAvorite vowel. A wAs the overwhelming fAvorite, pulling As mAny votes As All other vowels combined. As of yesterdAy Afternoon, the ArrogAnt And overrAted e hAd been shut out in the voting. But A lAte sympAthy vote cAst by someone who might hAve been my wife, pulled e into A four-wAy tie for runner up.

The new poll is up. Thanksgiving is approaching and you can vote for your favorite side dish. Between now and Thanksgiving, my weekly Mailbag post will give way to Side Dish Saturday starting this coming weekend. Feel free to share your favorite recipes, especially if you vote for the "Something Else" category.

And now, the news:

Koreans are spicing up their lives. An item on Dave DeWitt's Fiery-Foods site reports that a study found that the amount of capsaicin in kimchi has doubled in the past five years.

He must reeeeeally like that sauce. A Rhode Island man is sentenced for breaking the door of a fast-food restaurant when they forgot to include the "zesty sauce" with his order.

That may be the least disgusting thing in a processed sausage. Australian food maker recalls BBQ sausages after finding bits of rubber mixed with the meat.

Unusual recipe of the week:

Halloween is a couple of days away. While I don't recommend handing the following out to the neighborhood kiddies who come trick-or-treating at your house, it might be fun to munch some of this Hot Pepper Candy on your own. From the Pepper Fool site.

Have a great week everyone!

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