Monday, October 08, 2007

Oct. 8, 2007, In the News

The baseball season continues its slow wind down and I've got a new poll up to let you pick your choice for the World Series winner. Now that my Cubs are out of it, my allegiance has shifted to the Cleveland Indians, the hometown club of the Remarkable Marcy. Take a moment and let me know who you think will be this year's world champs.

A quick recap on my last micro poll, the so-called "Nathan Hale Poll." It was a unanimous 9 votes for Liberty over Death. I was relieved at the outcome. Death would have been bad for pageviews.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends. Just curious - is tomorrow the biggest shopping day of the year up there?

And now, the news:

But who gets to keep the smoker? One of the more amusing custody cases I can recall.

The secret's in the sauce. Unfortunately, it was illegal.

Another reason to keep the grill clean. Everybody loves bbq.

Now that's what I call hot sauce! Londoners run for their lives from spicy Thai sauce.

Unusual recipe of the week:

While I was flipping through last weekend's college football games, I caught a scene from some tailgaters before the Florida-LSU game who had an alligator rotating on a spit. I wasn't able to find a recipe for grilling up an entire gator, but here's one for barbecued alligator tails.

Have a great week!


Chef JP said...

Hey--sorry about the Cubs---I just finished watching the Yankees go down to the Indians, so it looks like dem guys from Cleveland just might go all the way this year.

sullicom said...

Condolences on the end of your season. However, most people wrote the Yankees off early this year. They made a pretty incredible run to get back into it and struck fear into the hearts of New Englanders in doing so.

yankeebbq said...

Red Sox all the way baby ! I was really hoping for a Sox/Cubs world series. Nice Blog


sullicom said...

Thanks, Steaks. Yours, too.