Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BBTuesday - Arthur Bryant's

Kansas City has a well-earned reputation for good music and great barbecue. Perhaps tops among the great restaurants in town is the renowned Arthur Bryant's Barbecue. Calvin Trillin, a KC native and writer for the New Yorker, called Bryant's, "The best restaurant in the world." The place has fed presidents and celebrities who have gone out of their way to stop by for a bite when visiting KC.

Bryant's can trace its roots back to Henry Perry, a Tennessean credited as being the father of Kansas City barbecue. Perry opened a restaurant in KC, then hired George Gates and brothers Arthur and Charlie Bryant to run it when business took off. Gates eventually moved on to open his own famous bbq joint, Charlie Bryant died and Arthur took over the place on his own. The restaurant thrived under his watch, and after developing his signature sauce, he was crowned with the title, "The King of Ribs." He ran the restaurant at 18th and Brooklyn until his death in 1982. That site, plus two others carry on the tradition of slow cooked meats smothered in that famous sauce.

The restaurant's rep has been built on pork slab ribs, but it also offers beef, ham, pork, turkey and chicken, along with bbq baked beans, slaw and fries on the side. You can order Arthur's rubs and sauces from the restaurant's Website.

What I know about Arthur Bryant's Barbecue comes from numerous favorable mentions in lists, spotlights on television shows and write-ups in books. I haven't had the pleasure of eating at Bryant's, but if you have, please leave a comment below and share your experience.


No tune this week. Instead, I found this fascinating piece on the history of barbecue in KC.


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Chef JP said...

Actually, Arthur Bryant's is not a restaurant-- it is a religion and I am one its devout followers.