Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Food Fight, Results of Bout 1

And the winner is... Paula Deen!

The kickoff bout in our Food Network Food Fight to determine the toughest celebrity chef on TV wasn't much of a contest. Paula nearly shut out Rachael Ray in the voting, taking the bout 10 votes to 1.

Deen, the queen of Southern comfort foods, had no problem dispatching Ray, who was evidently worn out from overexposure.

In honor of her victory, and considering it is a Hot Sauce Wednesday here in Sullivanistan, here's a link to Paula's recipe for Fiery Cajun Shrimp.

Next up in the first round is a showdown between the Good Eater, Alton Brown, and the pride of Baltimore, the Ace of Cakes, Duff Goodman. Get your votes in now!


peteej said...

"...who was evidently worn out from overexposure."

Lols, isn't that the truth. That woman is everywhere. Tough pick today, but I'll have to go with Brown. He's cold and calculating, which could undermine any tricks that the "Ace" has up his sleeve.

Foodie73 said...

Duff just makes cakes.
Alton is a multitasker! ;-)

Sullicom said...

Alton must beward Duff's dreaded fondant move.

Sullicom said...

beward? Sorry, that should have been "beware".