Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Fun - Bunny Art

We have a house full of pets. There are two Labs (Daisy and Gypsy), Sharon the cat, Big Guy the gold fish, Buddy the hamster and Bunny the bunny. But only one has shown an aptitude for art.

It was Bunny who is responsible for the creation at the left. It started out as a cardboard box flap that I put in her cage for her to play with. A couple of days later when I went to feed her, I noticed that she had nibbled it into the shape of another rabbit. I guess I hadn't realized how much she wanted a playmate.

I've seen works from other animal artists. There are paintings by monkeys and recently on television I saw a story about a guy who dips worms in paint and lets them wiggle all over a canvas. But this is something quite different than random squirms or finger splats. Does Bunny have talent?

I sought out critical input from some artists whose work I admire and opinions I respect. Here's what they had to say:

From Alan, professional animator and published author: from the artist's POV - her eye for detail is matched by her desire to mix her creative juices with her digestive ones. Bravo bunny - you're on your way!

From Spleenal, talented cartoonist: i like it. the "cut out" shape elevates the bunny form to more of a symbol or icon. it also bridges the gap between "flat" art and sculpture and attains a cool 2.5D feel. but mainly i see a corruption of the playboy bunny symbol. in producing it out of cardboard is your rabbit trying to make a comment of how sex has been cheapened? and is the fact that it's not new card refering to the fact that much of what we see as new is nothing more that recycled ideas from the past? that's one smart bunny.

From Howie, accomplished artist and instructor at a prestigious art college: Well it's hard to get away from oneself. At Art School in Portraiture & Life Drawing Classes one often sees how one's own image keeps appearing. For example the live model gets up on the stand - The skinny guy ends up drawing a skinny model, the chubby student draws a chubby model, despite what the actual model really looks like. Also the reverse happens. The chubby student (wishful thinking) draws a skinny model, etc. ...........Since I don't know your rabbit personally, it's had to tell if your rabbit was re-creating his/her own image or a wishful representation of themselves........ You and your family and those close to the rabbit, (maybe only other rabbits) will have to be the judges of this. On another thought-----If one rotates the picture, then the boot of Italy appears, and artists often turn their artworks to get a fresh peek and new sense of their artworks. Did you actually see the rabbit working on it the way you present it?? Or perhaps the rabbit worked all around thus creating a different image from each side. And Matisse often looked at his paintings in the early morning dawning light claiming it allowed him to see them freshly, - so perhaps you should also examine your rabbit's artwork from all sides and at dawn.

Hard to argue with the those in the know. Have an opinion of your own? Share it with us in the comments. In the meantime, I wonder what she'd do if I put a block of granite in the cage?

Rabbit Opera

Moving from the visual to the performing arts, here's a golden oldie from another talented bunny, Bugs, from his operatic classic, "Rabbit of Seville."

Have a great weekend


Chef JP said...

Your bunny displays the robust technique of, say, Roodin (not the Japanese monster,I mean the French artist). Will there be a show at a local gallery and if so, what sort of wine do you expect to have on hand?

Your Blogger said...

We're awaiting offers from a couple of galleries and pet stores. As for the wine, I'm figuring a nice, subtle lapin blanc.