Saturday, November 24, 2007

Segue Saturday - Food Fight

It's time to put Thanksgiving behind us once and for all.

Starting next weekend, my Saturday posts will be dedicated to the art of baking Christmas cookies. That's one of skills that makes the Remarkable Marcy remarkable. You're in for a real treat.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Thanksgiving side dish poll. Stuffing was the decided favorite among voters, but green bean casserole and cranberry sauce had their fans, too.

Food Fight

Now the new poll is up. It's actually the first in a series of micro-polls I'll run through the end of the year. I'm curious to see who you think would win fights between various Food Network celebrity chefs. I don't mean which chef has the best show or recipes. I want to know who you think would come out on top in a regular old hair-pulling, clothes-ripping fist fight.

There are more than a few beefy contenders in the contest who look like they could pack a wallop. But there are a surprising number of physically fit chefs whose speed and agility might just wear down their larger opponents.

Our first match pits Paula Deen, known for her heavy menu of Southern comfort foods, against the thrifty and ubiquitous Rachael Ray.

The schedule of bouts is listed below. I'll report the outcomes on Mondays and announce the Grand Champeen on New Year's Day.

Paula Deen vs Rachael Ray - 11/23-11/28

Alton Brown vs Duff Goodman - 11/28-12/2

Giada De Laurentis vs Sandra Lee - 12/2-12/5

Emeril Lagasse vs Bobby Flay - 12/5-12/9

Quarter final 1 - 12/9-12/12
Quarter final 2 - 12/12-12/16

Semi final - 12/16-12/24

Final - 12/24-12/31

Keep it clean and may the best chef win!


Flannery said...

Oh!!! First cookie should be snicker doodles!!! Mom's are sooooooo good!!!

peteej said...

I don't know what's worse:
- this poll
- I know who these people are
- Deen vs. Ray
- I can't wait to see who ends up in the finals

Could be that football season is pretty much over. I pick Lagasse to win it all, but Flay will be tough to beat - he has evil on his side.

dbaer said...

here is one I would like to see, Mario Batali v. Robert Irvine, just for the sheer WWF quality of it!