Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving Hot Stuff

Digging through our cache of Thanksgiving recipes, I noticed that they were all showing lots of wear and tear. I guess that's what happens if you make the same standards year in and year out.

They're good recipes and I couldn't imagine a Thanksgiving without them. But I wondered what's out there to add a little spice to the table.

Here are a few nuggets I found.

Our friends at the Hot Sauce Blog review Three Hot Tamales' Cranked Up Cranberry Sauce.

One more from the Hot Sauce Blog - a recipe for Fiery Sweet Potatoes.

In this article from USA Today, comfort food queen Paula Deen includes a sinful suggestion for jazzing up cranberry sauce.

And, from the New York Times, here are a handful of recipes including one for stuffing that features Vietnamese chili paste to give it a kick.


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Chef JP said...

I think that Cranked Up Cranberry Sauce rocks!