Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanks for my wife and children, who mean everything to me - Marcy, Courtland, Flannery and Moira. Thanks for our pets, who make our house smell, uh, interesting - Sharon the cat, Daisy and Gypsy the dogs, Big Guy the mutant goldfish, Bunny the bunny, and Buddy the hamster. Thanks for our siblings and their families - Dave, Jan, David, Erika, Emily, Dave, Flavia or Flavius (due to join the brood in April), Rhonda, Dave and Cullen. Thanks for all of our other cousins. Thanks for our parents, no longer with us but always with us - Frances, Courtlan, Rita and Sheldon. Thanks for our friends. Thanks for our home, our jobs and the food we have to eat. And thanks for the all the other blessings in our life, including good books, good music, fishing, baseball, drinks that make you feel good (in moderation) and anything else that brings a smile to your soul.

And thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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