Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Best of BBTuesday

Tuesday is the day I try to devote to my culinary passion - bbq, barbecue, bar-b-q or however you want to spell it. The smoked meat and sauce not only causes my mouth to water, but it also conjures up wonderful memories of my childhood and good times spent with family and friends.

Here are my favorite smokin' posts from this year.

Chef JP's Mole BBQ - one of the biggest pleasures of the year has been getting to know other bloggers. One of my first blogging acquaintances was Chef JP, proprietor of The Chef From Hell site. His site is witty and one heck of a treasure trove of great recipes. His submission of a mole bbq sauce in the first annual Sullicom Sauce Off brought him top honors.

Kentucky BBQ Dip - this was my own submission in the sauce off. Our old family recipe that instantly brings back memories of my dad lording over his bbq pit in our backyard in Madisonville, Kentucky.

Owensboro - this was a tribute to a town a short drive from Madisonville, where aunts, uncles and cousins lived, but more importantly, where the famous Moonlight Bar-B-Q Inn still cooks some of the best mutton, pork, beef and chicken in the world.

Arthur Bryant's - although I've never been there, this Kansas City restaurant is legendary among bbq joints.

Barbecued Tofu - yes, yours truly was once a hard-core vegetarian. But that doesn't mean I had to forgo the pleasures of bbq. This was once of our favorites from that era.


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