Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best of Comfort Foods

Thursday's the day devoted to comfort foods, be they for the tummy, ears or soul. I also consider this the danger zone, because it allows me to flirt with lots of foods that I should stay far away from unless I want to outgrow my pants.

But, I've braved on for your sake, dear readers. Perhaps you can eat, drink or listen to these offerings without giving into temptation. Or maybe your metabolism lets you cave without carrying the extra weight.

Here are the ones I've liked best...

Chess Pie - let me introduce you to my grandmother Lemma, a dear imp of a woman who lived to cook. Chess pie was one of her specialties.

Girl Scout Cookies - my annual battle with the temptation of having boxes and boxes of tasty little cookies in the house continued this year. Again, I lost.

Hot and Sweet - in a burst of energy one Saturday last fall, MoJo and I hit the kitchen and cooked up some hot sauce, then put up several jars of Concord Grape jam.

McIntyre's Bourbon Balls - my friend, colleague and fellow native of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, John McIntyre, has one of the best language blogs around. He also shares a fondness for bourbon and shared this family recipe for an intoxicating candy.

Webb Pierce - speaking of intoxicating, the late, great Webb Pierce sang one of the best-ever drinking songs, "There Stands The Glass."

Martha White - another post inspired by musical memories from my childhood growing up within television range of Nashville and the broadcasts of the Flatt & Scruggs Show and the Grand Ole Opry.


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