Sunday, December 23, 2007

Best of Food for the Soul

One of the things I've enjoyed most about this first half-year of blogging has been the Sunday Food for the Soul posts. These essays have allowed me to share with you some personal stories, thoughts off the news of the week, or just some curious observations.

Here are my favorites to date:

Tallpony - This was one of my earliest and the one where I feel I found my voice. Appropriately, the voice you'll hear is one with a sweet, syrupy drawl.

Peach - What's in a name? This post explains how Flannery Bliss Sullivan became Flannery Bliss Sullivan.

Papa - Another story from the family archive, this time recounting the amazing saga of Marcy's grandfather, Ben.

Vic Power - During the week the Jena 6 case flashed up in Louisiana, I found this short, but inspiring anecdote of how a baseball pioneer confronted racism with humor.

Survival Tips - Worried about getting bombed to Kingdom Come by Iran or North Korea? Never fear. My favorite from among a handful of posts culled from the wonderful Bull Cook Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices book.


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Sullicom said...

Why wasn't I one of your favorites daddy? :(