Friday, December 28, 2007

Best of Friday Fun

Friday is the day devoted to fun on Sullicom blog. It might involve food, it might involve games, it might involve creative time wasting. Whatever it is, the purpose is to deliver smiles and laughs.

Among the fun favorites...

Simpsonize Me - meet my family and find out about another fun diversion that will show you what you'd look like if you lived in Springfield.

Bow Man - brush up on your bowmanship with this addictive little game I discovered on the "Say No To Crack" blog.

Ghost Story - one of my Halloween-week posts, I revisit an experience in a haunted inn.

Pez - is it the tiny, brick-shaped candies that's the allure, or the fun, collectible dispensers? Maybe both? Just be careful you don't turn into the crazy Pez lady.

Banana Pudding - who can resist one of the world's greatest comfort desserts? So delicious it has inspired songs and makes me feel like dancing!

Moon Pie - another guilty pleasure snack food. Variations abound, but there's only one Moon Pie.

Finger Safety - maybe the worst corporate video ever made, I hope they at least came in under budget. I wonder what ever became of Earl?


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