Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best of Your Stuff

Now it's time to take a look at yourself. Today I revisit some of your stuff that I've most enjoyed. The following posts will make your mouth water or curl into a smile.

The Chef From Hell - Lost in the Supermarket

Tummy Treasure - Breakfast Around the World and Cheesecake Anyone?

My GPS Camera Phone - How to Dig a Fire Pit

Fiery Foods - Weird Smokers

Homesick Texan - Comfort me with banana pudding

Barbecue Bachelor - Simple Salmon

A Good Beer Blog - Fact: Beer, Elephants And Electricity Do Not Mix

Thanks for the good reads!


Barbecue Bachelor said...

Hey Sullicom, just wanted to wish you happy holidays and of course a great new year! Thanks for all of your posts. I've gotten some great new ideas for sauces, recipes and definitely a few laughs along the way.
Hope you keep it up!

Sullicom said...

Thanks - and happy holidays to you, too!