Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Food Fight, Results of Bout 3

And the winner is...Giada De Laurentis!

By a 7-2 margin, voters indicated that the little queen of Italian cuisine would have no trouble dispatching stylish Sandra Lee. I suspect there was some pre-fight carb-packing that worked in Giada's favor.

My advice to Ms. Lee is go whip up one of those fru-fru drinks you make at the end of Semi-Homemade and forget about the loss.

Giada now moves on to the quarter-final round, where she'll have her work cut out for her against the winner of the Emeril Lagasse-Bobby Flay throwdown. Voting for that bout is now open and runs through Sunday.

To celebrate Giada's victory, here's a recipe that will air on the Dec. 10 episode of Everyday Italian that blends Christmas and Chanukah flavors - Parmesan Potato Pancake.


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