Monday, December 10, 2007

Food Fight, Results of Bout 4

And the winner is...Emeril Lagasse!

BAM - no contest here. Even though he's looking more and more like the Pillsbury Doughboy lately, Emeril put away Bobby Flay with little effort in the first shutout of our Food Network celebrity chef showdown.

Emeril now moves on to the next round where he'll be paired against Giada De Laurentis.

In recognition of his win, here's the recipe for Emeril's Candy Cane. Be forewarned - it's not candy. It's a seasonal cocktail that should do fine in taking the edge off the holiday madness.

And now it's on to the semi-finals and our first bout pits Paula Deen against Alton Brown. This one could go the limit based on the support each chef received in the opening round.

The bell has sounded. Make your vote now!

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