Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Food Fight, Results of Semi-Final 1

And the winner is...Alton Brown!

It was a merciless smackdown! In an avalanche of votes, Alton Brown took out Paula Deen by a margin of 46 to 6. He beat her like an egg! He whipped her like cream! No contest.

Going into this competition I had felt that Ms. Deen might have been a favorite to take the crown. I obviously underestimated the support base out there for Alton. If I were a politician, I'd be trying to track down Alton's Army to help me get out the vote. And if I were Alton, I might consider going into politics. Very, very impressive.

Our practice is to feature a recipe from the winner and here's a good one for cold days from Alton's vault - Curry Chicken Pot Pie.

Our next Food Network face off features Giada De Laurentis against Emeril Lagasse. The poll is open. Come out and keep it clean!


Anonymous said...

Alton's Army found here:


Sullicom said...

The organization is impressive!