Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Chanukah

Sundown today signals the start of Chanukah, the festival of lights. We'll celebrate this tradition from the Remarkable Marcy's side of the family as we always do: the lighting of the menorah as prayers are said, the unintentional off-key singing of a couple of songs, a few spins of the dreidel and the opening of gifts.

While we've raised the kids in the Christian tradition, we've always felt it was important that they understand and respect the traditions of their Jewish heritage. Marcy has done a typically remarkable job explaining the stories behind the holy days and why we do what we do to observe them. The kids have embraced these lessons and traditions. Especially when it comes to Chanukah. That's because they get stuff.

We try to keep to an "enlightenment" theme with Chanukah gifts, usually going with books, games or music. Oh, yeah - and they get gelt, the chocolate money that has nothing to do with enlightenment. It's some of the worst-tasting chocolate ever made. Perhaps one of the Chanukah miracles is that people not only willingly, but joyously eat the gelt.

So, tonight we recognize the Jewish side of the family. And we remember those with whom we've celebrated past Chanukahs who will be with us in spirit when the candles are lit.

And if you want a real taste of Chanukah tradition, here's a link to a good potato latkes recipe, along with a story about that tradition.

Chanukah Song

This isn't one of the traditional tunes we sing around the menorah. But it does bring a smile to our faces every time we hear it.



Chef JP said...

Happy Chanukah wishes to Marcy!

Sullicom said...

Thanks. We'll raise a glass of Mogan David in your direction tonight.