Thursday, December 20, 2007

The People Have Spoken

Fight on!

I heard it loud and clear from all of you who left comments that we should let this food fight continue, regardless of how ugly it gets. As I write this, Alton Brown has a lead of more than 100 votes over poor Giada De Laurentis - and there's still more than a week left in the poll!

I'm curious - what do you folks think about waterboarding?

Anyway, I also wanted to give you a schedule of some of my upcoming posts. This is the time of year we in the nooz biz love because we can fall back on "year-enders," compilations of best-of lists. So, next week I'll be revisiting some of my favorite posts from this first half-year of the Sullicom blog.

Here's the sked:
- Monday: Best of "Food for the Soul," my whatever-comes-to-mind essays.
- Tuesday: Best of "BBTuesday," the day I share bbq recipes, restaurant reviews and bbq-related music finds.
- Wednesday: Best of "Hot Sauce Wednesday." That pretty much says it all.
- Thursday: Best of "Comfort Food Day." Most of the time it's food related, but once in a while I toss in some comforts for the soul.
- Friday: Best of "Friday Fun." Could be food, could be games, could be jokes. Whatever it is, it will make you smile.
- Saturday: Best of "Take My Word For It." This is your stuff. Things I've seen on other blogs and shared with you and others.

I'll be back on my regular schedule on Sunday, Dec. 30. And of course, New Year's Day I'll have a special post that reveals the winner of the Food Fight Final. I'm sure that'll be a big surprise. Yeah.

Really, thanks for all your support. It's been fun hearing from you Alton fans. And to that Giada fan who's voted six times - well, you've got your work cut out.


peteej said...

Hot sauce...mmmm. I just ran out, so sad.

Chef JP said...

Waterboard! Waterboard! Waterboard!