Sunday, August 17, 2008


Last night we saw John Hiatt in concert at the Hot August Blues Festival in Cockeysville, Maryland. It was the fourth time we've seen Hiatt in concert. Great shows, every one.

The first time I heard of Hiatt was in the mid-1908s when we lived in Chicago and WXRT FM was playing Memphis in the Meantime. To this day it's still my favorite John Hiatt song.

There's a line in the song I didn't think about much until last night, and it jumped out at me - "At least we can get ourselves a decent meal down at the Rendezvous." Rendezvous? Why does that sound familiar?

Today I figured it out. I was just reading about the Rendezvous in Steven Raichlen's BBQ USA. It's the Vergos family's bbq restaurant in Memphis. The Rendezvous is famous for mouth-watering ribs, pork shoulder and leg of lamb. And you can order just about anything off their menu and they'll ship it to you.

Now I have a reason to like the song even more.

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