Thursday, September 25, 2008

Presidential Poll Update

We've got five weeks to go to the election, and based on Sullicom's highly (un)scientific poll, Barack Obama is building a sizable lead over John McCain.

The margin now stands at a whopping eight votes, as Obama holds a 20-12 lead over McCain as of this morning. Food Network personality Alton Brown, who I thought would be a formidable third-party candidate, is surprisingly far back with only two votes.

I'm a little surprised that Senator McCain didn't get more of a bump here from the selection of Sarah Palin as a running mate. But then again, he's taken lumps from the media with a bunch of seemingly paranoid missteps in the past couple of weeks. That includes the entertainment media, especially last night after David Letterman took him to task after McCain cancelled an appearance on his show, but kept his date with CBS News anchor Katie Couric. My friend and colleague, David Zurawik, has the story of the stand up on his blog.

Politics aside, again my greatest surprise here is the poor showing to date of Alton Brown. In past polls on this blog, he's been a force. Alton's Army was impressively organized and there was no contest in the Sullicom Food Fight.

I think, considering the seeming stumbles the McCain camp has made of late, it might be worth the Senator's side to seek out what remains of Alton's Army to bring their skills to his campaign.

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