Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Austin, Texas

I made my first trip back to Austin, Texas in nearly eight years last week. It was technically a work trip, but it's hard to go to Austin without making time for a little fun, food and music. I pretty much summed up the good stuff in my weekly post on Rob Kasper's beer blog.

Another personal imperative while there was my quest to obtain a dozen Round Rock Donuts to bring home to the family. Anybody who lives in Central Texas knows the addictive qualities of these sticky, orange, melt-in-your-mouth donuts. Every Sunday - and some Saturdays - found us waiting in line with the other RRD junkies waiting for a score.

I was without a car for this trip, so was unable to make the run up to Round Rock to pick them up. I also struck out with a couple of hopeful rendezvous with old friends who I had hoped might be able to pick up a box and run them down to me. And my search downtown for RRD resellers also proved fruitless. However, bless their little cholesterol-clogged hearts, RRD now sells their product at the Austin airport. I was able to grab a dozen before boarding the plane.

When I got home, the family was much happier to see the donuts than the man bearing them. But that was okay with me. I got to eat them, too.

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