Friday, August 07, 2009

Disabled List, Round 2

It was about this time last year that I posted about son Courtland's surgery to repair the torn labrum in his left shoulder. This time I'm posting about the surgery to repair the torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Unlike last year when the tear kept him from hitting during his summer baseball season, this time it kept him from pitching. He first started complaining about the pain in January during the Southern Maryland Baseball Camp. He looked strong throwing the first weekend, but after his moundwork in week two, he said his arm hurt. We took him to the doc and it was originally diagnosed as tendinitis. He stretched and worked on it all spring and by the time the high school season started, it looked like he was going to be okay. But a couple of games in, when he was catching, he made a throw that reaggravated the injury.

That pretty much washed out his senior baseball season. But he played this summer, playing outfield and batting. We tried some long toss, but his arm was still sore and we went a few weeks ago and got an MRI which showed a SLAP (Superior Labrum Anterior Posterior) tear where the bicep tendon attaches to the labrum.

So, this week he went in for the repair (see photos of the procedure above). As with last year, two weeks in a sling, isometric rehab, soft throws in three months then hopefully pitching in the spring.

The big difference this year is that he is off to college in three weeks. When he reports to York College of Pennsylvania, he'll hook up with the baseball team trainer, who'll work with Courtland while his teammates are on the field. I'm sure it will be frustrating for him not to play right away, but he'll have to take it slow. The doc said that often the kids who've gone through this repair say that the second season after surgery they're throwing harder than ever, courtesy of scar tissue from the procedure reinforcing the shoulder.

With any luck, this time next year I won't be filing any Disabled List posts.

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