Friday, November 25, 2011

Fables for Fearful Times: The Snake and the Octopus

Where the water meets the woods there lived a snake and an octopus.

One day the octopus popped up from the sea just as the snake was slithering past.

"Hey, snakie boy, great to see you! Put 'er there," bellowed the octopus as he stuck out all eight arms as if to shake hands.

The snake, who was quiet by nature, tried his best to ignore the chortling octopus and just kept going.

The octopus followed the snake, picked up several stones and began to juggle them.

"Yo, snake, can you give me a hand with this," asked the octopus with a chuckle.

The snake kept moving.

"Hey, whatsa matter? No sense of humor? I bet you aren't even ticklish." The octopus dropped the stones, reached out and grabbed the snake and began to tickle him.

The snake had tried his best to simply ignore the boorish octopus. But now he had had enough. He decided he wasn't going to take it anymore and in one flash of white-hot fury, he brandished his long fangs and sank them into one of the octopus' arms.

The octopus dropped the snake, then dropped dead.

The snake quickly composed himself and slithered away, never to be bothered again.

MORAL: Don't make fun of others for what they have not. Respect them instead for what they have got.

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